Sliding Panel System

The Sliding Panel Mechanism is our ultimate moving panel mechanism and allows complete concealment of a flat screen TV. The mechanism takes a panel inwards and moves it out of sight behind the surrounding panel work before advancing the screen to sit flush with the wall. A distinctively brilliant design, this one-of-a-kind sliding mechanism offers the ultimate in look, functionality and wow factor. Available in a host of options, the Sliding Panel Mechanism allows you to design a wall or cabinet with complete freedom.

Picture Split Mechanism

The Picture Split Mechanism is a dual horizontal moving panel mechanism that allows a flat screen to be concealed behind two pictures or panels. Ideal for when vertical height is not available, the Picture Split Mechanism drives two panels left and right to reveal the screen. A superb alternative to a single picture – the Picture Split opens up a wide range of design options to add to any interior decoration.

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Split Motorised Moving Panel Mechanism

The MPM-SPLIT is a motorised moving panel mechanism, designed to split two panels horizontally, creating a pocket door / sliding partition. The MPM-SPLIT is designed to be completely concealed within the wall or ceiling to give a perfect finish with a soft open and close feature, creating a smooth and flawless motion. With multiple control options as standard, including switch, contact closure, motion sensor and IR, the MPM-SPLIT is a fully functional mechanism created to be integrated into any residential or commercial environment. Safety features include an anti-trap system which prevents the doors from closing when an obstruction is detected.

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