A large flat screen TV completes any living room or bedroom and wall mounting your TV will only add to the cinematic viewing experience. An adjustable TV wall bracket allows you to find the perfect position for your TV and hold it in place when you’ve found the ideal angle. TV wall brackets are lightweight, easy to install and can hold an impressive amount of weight for their size.

For additional convieniance, we have a wide range of motorised TV brackets so you can easilly put your TV away against the wall when not in use.

Whether you’ve invested in a new flat screen or you’re looking to upgrade your home cinema by mounting your current TV to the wall, a TV wall bracket is the ideal solution.

When you have a state of the art flat screen TV, you need to know it is secure and safe when you attach it to your wall. No matter what size your flat screen is, we have a wide range of affordable and reliable TV wall brackets in a range of styles from a number of manufacturers.

Motorised TV Brackets

We have a wide range of motorised TV brackets that can accommodate TV’s from 32″ right up to 110″ with up to 150 degrees rotation.

Our TV wall mounting brackets can accommodate flat screen TV’s up to 110″

The bracket shown on the right is the PS Bracket which allows screens up to 110” to be moved smoothly and easily in either direction. The PS Bracket allows perfect parallel movement and the freedom and flexibility to view your flat screen in a variety of positions, for the ultimate viewing experience. Perfect for recessing screens in walls for a completely flush finish.

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