A TV Lift Cabinet Makes Your Style the Focus of the Room – Not Your TV

Flat screen TVs are terrific for football games, family movie night, and gaming, but they can be an eyesore in an otherwise stylish living space. The design-inspired charm of TV lift cabinets is that they conceal large flat screen TVs until they’re needed – and then the flat screen TVs reappear at the push of a button.

Back in the days of bulky TV sets, people used to use specially designed TV cabinets to hide unsightly televisions. Nowadays, flat screen TV lift cabinets are smaller, more convenient, and just as style-saving. The TV screen, and even small electronics like DVD players, rest on a small platform that automatically and noiselessly raises and lowers into the cabinet. When the TV is inside the flat screen TV lift cabinet, all you see is a lovely piece of furniture – and we have a selection of flat panel TV lifts that match any décor.

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