Hide your TV behind a mirror...

A TV That’s Only There When You Want It.




Transform your TV into a stunning feature mirror that will hide your TV

TV Mirrors are the amazing new development from Oakley Automated Living. By selecting one of our TV mirrors you can transform your TV into a stunning feature mirror that will hide your TV. Our TV mirror range is beautifully designed and offers an array of stunning additions to choose from that will match any interior.

Oakley Automated Living creates creates beautiful and elegant designer  TV mirrors. The Mirror is a specially tailored glass optimised to give outstanding reflection and image quality. Once switched on the mirror displays a full HD 1080p picture. When the television is switched off it completely disappears into a perfect mirror.

Our Frame options for Mirror TV’s

Any frame that you choose can be made into a mirror TV frame by adding our special glass. Our stylish TV frames include ornate, hardwood, standard and luxury frame options. If you can’t find a TV frame that matches your tastes we can create a bespoke frame that goes with your design requirements. Each of our TV mirrors are specifically designed to cater for every room of your house, including the bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Why choose a TV Mirror?

Modern flat-screen TV’s are becoming larger and more central to a room. While this advancement makes for enjoyable TV viewing, we know the large black rectangle of a powered-off television can detract from your carefully designed interior. TV mirrors can solve this problem and can transform your TV into an elegant feature mirror at the push of a button.

TV Mirror with TV switched off

How do TV Mirrors work?

Using advanced dielectric mirror technology, the glass of mirror TV’s is perfectly clear and free from distortion when watching the television. Turn your TV off and it instantly transforms into a flawless decorative mirror and hence hides your TV.

TV Mirror with TV switched on

Some TV Mirror ideas

TV Mirrors and Art Frames from Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond…